Free Educational Webinar: Interventional Radiology Billing and Coding 2020 Essentials

Posted on June 29, 2020 in General
Learn about common coding errors, documentation deficiencies, and areas where an interventional radiology group could be losing revenue with expert Stacie Buck, Founder of RadRx. As well as, learn the crucial billing metrics that should be reviewed on a monthly basis and what these metrics mean to your group with the President of Dexios Radiology Billing, Kyle Tucker. Click here to register.

Insourcing: A New Path for Radiology Billing

Posted on June 9, 2020 in Operations
One of the traditional debates in the billing community has always been between in-house billing versus outsourced billing. Each has its advantages, but what if there is a better solution.  Traditional Billing Models Analyzed In-house billing is under the complete control of the group and the billing staff knows the local payers and practice policies. In surveys, in-house billing often slightly outperforms outsourced billing in collections. However, in-house billing also tends ...Read More

Medicare For All: How Does This Impact Radiology In The US?

Posted on May 13, 2020 in General
Medicare for All, in one form or another, is being seriously considered by many people as a viable setup for the United States’ healthcare system. Shifting to such a setup would undoubtedly cause substantial change throughout the industry, affecting everyone -- and radiologists would certainly be included.  Medicare For All Radiology  While there’s still great uncertainty about what a Medicare for all future would bring, here are a few ways ...Read More