Imagine Client Conference Certifications

Posted on June 15, 2017 in General
ImagineSoftware announced its certifications at the Client Conference on June 17-20. The classes will be held at Imagine’s Charlotte NC, headquarters. Each class will span anywhere from 2-5 days. Schedules are currently being finalized, and should be announced this week. The certification fees range from $495-$4,995 and include classroom training, materials, exam fees, daily lunch, snacks and beverages. All you need to do is factor in traveling expenses. Dexios has ...Read More

Two Sides to Every Story: A Lesson in Radiology Billing

Posted on May 25, 2017 in General
I’m active in a radiologist forum where the topic of radiology billing comes up frequently. Not too long ago, several posts were made about the poor quality of billing companies. Here are some excerpts of the comments: “Our billing office also does not give us guidance (on dictation, denials, etc.). I get a lot of good pointers here, but none from our billing people.” “Excruciatingly painful to get billing company ...Read More

What is Partial Outsourcing in Radiology Billing?

Posted on May 10, 2017 in General
There has long been a debate about whether you should self-bill or outsource your billing. Many papers have been written about this topic which a cursory Google search will reveal. Maybe the right answer isn’t an “either/or” but a “both.” Focus on Your Strengths Some of our clients are starting to outsource pieces of their radiology billing to fill holes in their service. Perhaps they feel very good about their billers, ...Read More